Dream Aero invites you to “take to the skiers” on a passenger airliner flight simulator. Almost all parameters of our flight simulator meet the requirements of Doc 9625 ICAO FSTD Type VII, which means that we offer you a very real experience of flying the plane, suitable even for real-life pilots.

The flight simulator accurately reproduces every aspect of a real flight, with you behind the controls. It might be too much to ask a beginning pilot to fly a plane in difficult weather conditions but he or she can master basic elements of the flight, such as takeoff, landing and following a certain flight path. It would be even simpler with an experienced instructor alongside you.

Most flight simulator computer programs cannot compare to our model, either in terms of visualization or the software.


Professional support of an experienced instructor pilot.

Immersion in the real world of aeronautical equipment.

Helps deal with aerophobia-related panic attacks.

Trying the flight simulator evokes emotions and impressions comparable to those experienced in a real flight.


To this day Boeing 737 is the most popular narrow-body twin-jet airliner in the world. It is the heaviest passenger carrier in history of aircraft engineering.

Boeing 737 is considered the most popular and most widely used jet aircraft in the world. It is the narrow-body long-range aircraft made by Boeing, the most massively produced aircraft in the entire history of passenger aircraft engineering.

The 8000th Boeing 737 took to the skies on April 16, 2014. The first Boeing 737 was manufactured in 1967.

There were three generations of Boeing 737:

  • Original versions are models 100 and 200.
  • The Classic generation is represented by models 300, 400, and 500.
  • Next Generation or Boeing NG – includes models 600, 700, 800, 900.

Starting with the Classic Series (1984), all models of Boeing 737 Classic family have earned the reputation of being highly reliable and safe. This reputation made these aircraft popular and increased the demand.

Boeing 737 NG Series was designed in response to a new competing model, the technologically sophisticated Airbus 320. Boeing NG features a digital cockpit, its wing span and tail have been increased by 5.5 m, the engine design was improved.

The design of the passenger cabin is similar to that of 757 and 767 models. In general, 737 Boeing NG aircraft family is a modified and improved Classic 737 series aircraft.

Schemes and functionalities of life support systems have been left unchanged from the previous models, however, new modifications have considerably improved takeoff and landing characteristics and sufficiently reduced the rate of fuel consumption.


Maximum take-off weight

66 — 83,13 tons

Range capability

5,648 — 5,925 km

Cruising air speed

0.785 M


34.3 m


35.8 m

Overall Length

31.2 — 42.1 m

Aircraft height

12.6 m

Passenger cabin width

3.53 m


Please send a message to Dream Aero manager, describe the details of your future flight simulator session and request a ticket certificate allowing people who never sat at the wheel and only dreamed about piloting, an opportunity to “lift off” an aircraft.

   *not a 100% copy of Boeing certified flight simulator