Unforgettable emotions and impressions

Do you want to become a pilot of a real passenger airplane? You might think that this is impossible. Your chances are long gone, and now you can only dream of lifting a plane into the air? Think again! Anyone can pilot a plane with Dream Aero Flight Simulator.

The simulator provides 100% authentic impression of a real flight. As you enter the cockpit of the flight simulator, you get immersed in the wonderful world of aviation.

I am now a pilot!

The virtual reality of the flight makes your experience so life-like that you can’t help but imagine yourself as a pilot. Your experienced instructor in the first officer’s seat will help you get your plane fully under control and avoid any mistakes you could make.

The cockpit, all control panels, levers, the steering wheel and all other equipment in the simulator is exactly the same as onboard a real aircraft.

  • The mobile platform connected to a computer responds to every maneuver of the pilot. As you accelerate down the runway you will feel the bumps between the slabs of concrete; your entire body will feel the moment of liftoff. You will react to acceleration and descent, turns and maneuvers and the air pockets.
  • The cockpit glass actually is a hi-tech panoramic video system. Real terrain images are visualized on panoramic screens. You can choose almost any airport in the world for your takeoff or landing. The vivid visual picture is complimented by all sounds that can be heard in the aircraft during takeoff, landing or in flight.
  • You can take two friends along to the cockpit so that they could observe the flight in the simulator as passengers. Some clients of Dream Aero agree that flying as a passenger is no less exciting than actually piloting the plane, because the pilot is usually too busy at the controls. Your friends will experience all the nuances of plane dynamics, visualization and in-flight sounds.

It is difficult to put into words what emotions you experience when you take control of a real aircraft. What a thrill it is to feel the large steel bird follow your commands! Remember back to the first time you ever drove a car, and then multiply those emotions by ten, or, better, 100.

Flying over clouds is a dream that many people cherish. Turn your childhood or youth dreams into reality with our flight simulator. A flight simulator gift certificate is an excellent gift to your loved ones and friends. You will see how easy it is to make miracles come true. Book your simulator flight aboard Dream Aero and let your friend experience the thrill of flying if this is something he or she had always dreamed of.