Immersion in the World of Aviation

Do you like new experiences? So, why not try piloting a passenger airliner? Dream Aero offer you a virtual trip in the cockpit of a flight simulator.

Accurate and true-to-life visualization

Visual effects and tactile impressions combine to provide a very authentic flight experience. Behind the panoramic glass of the cockpit is a sophisticated state-of-the-art video system.

  • Sitting in the captain’s seat, the pilot sees what a pilot would see in a real flight.
  • The image on the screen will change as the aircraft changes its spatial position.
  • The system includes a complete geographic model of the globe, with all rivers, lakes, seas, and mountain ranges held in the computer’s memory. Especially accurately reflected are the approach zones near all major airports of the world.
  • Choose the places on our planet that you would like to visit. You can choose new locations that you have never been to, or well familiar places where you would recognize every building or bush. Choose any destination in the world!

Routes over mountains or seas are different from each other not only in terms of what you see on the screen but also in terms of piloting the plane in particular circumstances. An experienced instructor pilot in the first officer’s seat will help you navigate the plane safely above mountain tops and not between the ridges. You will need to fly above the sea at a certain altitude and be ready for frequently changing air flows.

Obviously, half an hour or a full hour of training is not enough to become a real pilot, but you will definitely get to appreciate the complexity and responsibility of pilots’ work. Piloting the plane will help many people deal with the phobias that they have. After your simulator experience you will get at least a general idea of what a pilot does when the plane lands or takes off, when you experience turbulence or when the aircraft takes a sharp turn.

You can share the joy of this new experience with your family or friends. Take two friends along in the two passenger seats behind you, and enjoy all the visual, dynamic and sound effects of your flight. By all means try the real experience of piloting a plane so that you can understand fully how difficult and responsible the work of pilots is.

Book a flight in the real airliner’s cockpit and enjoy the romantic spirit of the skies not from the passenger’s seat but from the perspective of a plane captain.

A true-to-life yet absolutely safe flight

Our flight simulators fly in any weather conditions. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, thick fog or heavy snow will not be an obstacle for them. There are no flight delays in Dream Aero - our airliners arrive at any chosen location precisely on time.

If you are afraid of flying on real planes, experience the flight simulator to get rid of panic attacks and fears of flying.