Flight route options

Our flight simulator has virtually unlimited capabilities. Choose almost any point on the globe for your flight. For your first session, Dream Aero recommends that you choose a simple route over a well-known airport.

A beginner pilot must first learn to takeoff, climb, maneuver the aircraft, descend, and land the aircraft. After learning the basics, try a route between any two major cities in the world. Our computer system contains data on a variety of airports.

Determine your challenge and the amount of adrenaline you want to experience during the flight. Some people consider flying over a regular aerodrome a tough challenge that requires considerable concentration. Others will cope well with a long-range flight through the night, or in severe weather conditions, such as in a thunderstorm, hail, or strong gusts of wind.

Even as a passenger on board the flight simulator, you will have an unforgettable experience and learn something along the way.

Do not impose limitations on yourself when you chart your course. Here are just a few of the routes you can choose from.


Washington DC (the White House and United States Capitol)
San Francisco (the Golden Gate Bridge)
Paris (Eiffel Tower)
Innsbruck (an airport located in Austrian Alps)
Seattle (the place where Boeing was founded)
Las Vegas (McCarran International Airport)
Nice (Cote d'Azur, France)
Tivat (a Montenegrin airport with a complicated landing approach)
Tenerife (an island with 2 airports within close proximity to one another)
Saint-Martin (a world-famous island airport with the runway next to the beach)
A route of your choice (any city, weather conditions, etc.)
A route of your choice (any city, any weather conditions, etc.)

Extreme programs

Those unafraid of a true challenge are welcome to try custom-made routes in adverse weather conditions. Flying at night is more difficult than during the day. Visibility is significantly limited in foggy conditions. When wind gusts are strong, the pilot must take into account the direction and strength of air flows.

Anything is possible in real life, even a malfunction of the most reliable equipment. Try piloting a plane after two engines fail during takeoff, or approach a high-altitude airport without the help of the ILS (instrument landing system).

Programs for Children

Many people say that they’ve loved flying since their childhood days and look back at them fondly. Give your child a chance to try something new and experience the same joy. Dream Aero has prepared various entertaining programs for young dreamers, which teaches them the complexities of flying in a fun and interactive way.