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We bet that most people have dreamed of becoming pilots, operating a plane, or simply visiting the cockpit while up in the sky - something that passengers aren’t permitted to do. You will agree that this dream, most likely, is still alive in your heart

Dream Aero invites you to share a lifelike flying experience and a moment of true happiness with your family and friends. This gift can be enjoyed by anyone, such as an aviation expert, who knows the cockpit like the back of their hand, or someone who has never flown before and would like to see real pilots in action.



Feel the flight controls reverberate in your hands and the might of the aircraft as it pierces through the air. Learn the complexities of flying a plane aboard a simulator that provides a very lifelike experience. Our cockpit simulator is an exact copy of a real cockpit, and all equipment found on board is identical to the instruments found on a real aircraft.


The platform moves with every motion throughout your journey. It will allow you to feel the bumps of the runway as you accelerate, feel the slightest turn of the aircraft while flying, as well as the intensity of the descent to your destination. The high-output computer hydraulic system will provide the most realistic illusion of a flight.


Our pilot instructor will provide you with all the support you need to operate the flight simulator and feel safe at all times. Furthermore, the instructor will help you better understand the controls of a modern aircraft. Our team includes retired and active duty pilots who know the ins and outs of their profession.


Our incredibly accurate and detailed visualization system imitates a real flight environment and aircraft operations.


Send us a message, along with any questions you have for the Dream Aero manager. Tell us about your “dream” flight session or simply pick a day and time for takeoff!