Vouchers holders may reserve any time slot for their flight. Book your session in advance for the most available options. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
Price is up to 3 people
Our prices are the same no matter the number of your crew. Fly alone or fly with up to two of your friends. While flying, you will be joined by an experienced pilot instructor who will provide support and guide you through your journey

30 min

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60 min

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90 min

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120 min

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180 min

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6 hours of theory and practice
Pilot book / souvenir
5%+ Discount card
Virtual Flight Certificate

Basic course will give you:

  • aircraft's aerodynamics;
  • Boeing 737-800 construction;
  • basic rules and limitations in flight;
  • knowledge about in-flight procedures;
  • skill of visual and instrument aircraft control;
  • skill of aircraft landing.

360 min

$1 490
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Kid’s Pilot School

Kid’s Pilot School will teach your kids on:

  • how an airplanes fly
  • how to control an airplane on the ground
  • how to control an airplane in the air
  • how to find an airport and runway
  • how to land an airplane in VFR conditions
  • how to land an airplane in IFR conditions

360 min

$1 390
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Select a flight program that meets your interests.

Read carefully the rules you must follow during the flight.

Take the short pre-flight briefing to learn the basics of flight instruments and piloting.


Dull and boring corporate parties can become fascinating, thrilling and educational.

Every guest will be given an opportunity to sit at plane controls, while others observe the flight either from passenger seats or on external monitors. The spirit of competition and interesting common tasks will help build team spirit and promote informal and friendly communication.

Flights for every occasion

Birthday celebrations


Invite your friends and family on a trip across the skies.

We can host any number of attendees of all ages and levels of experience.

  • Small or large groups
  • Kids, teens, adults, and seniors
  • Frequent and first-time flyers are equally welcome

Just fill us in on the details about your event and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer a wide range of options to customize your celebration.


  • Party room with audio and video
  • Catered food, cake, and beverages
  • DJ or audio system with music
  • Party requests and decorations

Office parties

Crosscheck your work-life balance with something thrilling and educational. 

Take turns at the flight controls or enjoy the immersive views from the jumpseat and external monitors. Our flight deck is the perfect place for friendly competition and collaboration.

  • Use our flight simulator for a variety of educational and team-building exercises.
  • Enjoy our custom-made programs for groups of 3 to 20 people.
  • Catering services, MC, and custom branding options must be arranged in advance.
  • Prized competitions with prizes may also be arranged.



Plan something different.

Dream Aero is the perfect indoor venue for any kind of social gathering. From fundraisers to club meetups, graduations to youth groups. You name it. We prepare the cabin.


Birthday Discount:

- Soar into birthday bliss with a 15% discount when you take flight within the week or after your birthday.
- Remember to bring your ID proof.
- Excludes courses and Kid's pilot school.

Weekday Happy Hour Deal:

- Join us between 12 PM and 2 PM on weekdays for happy hour.
- Receive an extra 15 minutes for free during your visit.

Gift Voucher Special:

- Purchase 4 or more gift vouchers and get 25% off.