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    It was very easy as a beginner & all istructor were giving clearly. Mitesh, the trainer, was instruct me in very clear way & keep the experience funny.

    Mr Abdullah sent: 28-03-2019

    Was an amazing experience, so realistic with such professional staff. Loved that to was a real pilot

    Ms Loretta sent: 21-03-2019

    The instructor is great person and has a passion. Very informative session.

    Mr Abdulaziz sent: 15-02-2019

    Flew the dream aero sim last week & and all i can say that it was an awesome experience worth much more than the money spent, staff was very friendly and extremely professional and made sure that i had the experience of a lifetime!!!! will definitely visit again!!!! keep up the great work!!!! all the best!!! Surith de silva ( sri lanka ) workemail:

    Surith De Silva sent: 20-09-2018

    Hi, I made an ifr flight with dream aero and its more worth than it appears on website. i am experienced simmer. so i spent plenty of time to learn 737 typ rating before jumping into level-d simulator and it's marvaloud experience. I highly recomend that you come prepared and get maximum sensations !! appreciate the hospitality and warm welcome of aero dream staff !! I recomend that aero dream must do more publicity and awareness about simualtions !! Good luck aero dream Regards, Kamran khalid saudi arabia

    Kamran sent: 04-09-2018

    It was a dream & thanks to Dream Aero this dream came true. I've always been searching on how to get into captain training simulator & in the market I never found a simulator that is similarly to the one airliners train their captains with except for Dream aero simulator. It has hydraulic motion functions that make you actually feel you are flying an airplane for real. You will feel turbulence, the plane movement, the outside weather effects, the beautiful engine sound while you either enjoying taking off or landing. My first session was for 15 minutes I got induction session for free on how to fly the plane then when the clock started I was able to preform a take off, cruise and landing then after landing I got to know more on every button. You will have an experienced trained pilots which will introduce to every button in the plane & guide you on how to fly the plane in a very professional way, I've learned alot from Mr. Mahmoud & Captain Maged, in my second session which was for 30 minutes I've tried to challenge myself by landing in difficult airports such as Hong Kong's airport while having windsheer pushing the plane out of runway. It was amazing experience, even my wife who used to fear flying now she became more excited to fly after getting to know how the plane functions and what the pilot do to fly the plane. Really thank you guys and a special thanks for the beautiful amazing lady at the reception who welcomed us with a beautiful smile, arranged our bookings very professionally even though we always came very late and gave us a tour inside the cabin before the fly starts. Thank you guys, thank you dream aero for making my dream come true.

    Deema sent: 07-08-2018

    I am a student at a civil aviation flying school. It was my first flight on a 737. I loved every aspect of it! The instructor was superb!

    Nadim sent: 25-12-2017

    it was my first flight!!!))) Amazing! My emotions went off scale! Many thanks instructor! He is a real professional! I will definitely come back for a second flight and invite my friends to join me!

    Salman sent: 20-12-2017

    Many thanks to all staff, especially the piloting instructor, who was so patient during our landing, and to administrator, for her hospitality and understanding when we showed up late. Thank you very much!

    Yakub sent: 19-12-2017

    This flight on the flight simulator was a gift to my son on his 13th birthday. I must say that my son enjoyed every minute of it and was absolutely delighted. Special thanks to Denis, our instructor. He made our flight a superb experience. He was friendly, did not talk too much, and I think he is very good at psychology )). He made us feel at ease, let us do what we wanted, even make our mistakes. We remember back to those minor incidents with as much pleasure as the flight itself. In one hour we completed three takeoffs and landings. I was even a bit air-sick. Even as I observed the flight from the back of the cockpit, I was very much impressed. I loved the visualization, sound signals, the whole environment. It felt like a real flight. I wish it would be less expensive so that we could come oftener. I think now we’ll have to start saving for a flight on his next birthday.

    Anton sent: 24-10-2014